Josep Culleré - Video editor - Postproduction - Motiongfx - VFX - DIT

Josep Culleré

Video Editor & Postproduction, VFX Compositor, Motion Graphics, DIT & VFX Supervisor, Timelapse cinematography, Sound Mixer.

I am a freelance audiovisual artist with experience spanning various media since 2002, ranging from feature films to online internet series. Based in Catalonia, living between Lleida and Barcelona, I offer my services for both national and international productions.


Primarily specialized in digital video postproduction as an editor/compositor and motion graphics designer, I am also involved in different aspects of audiovisual production. This includes roles such as creative director, postproduction coordinator, VFX supervisor, DIT, sound mixer, timelapse shooter and audiovisual consultant & instructor.


My passion lies in acquiring knowledge across all facets of audiovisual creation and understanding the creative and technical processes involved. This provides a solid foundation for my participation and involvement in new and exciting projects.